21 July 2018

Instagram Today

Little Tiglet, the Foundling. Photo Taken 21 July 2018. This little one also has two siblings. I think this one is a little girl. The others don’t quite trust me yet, but they are getting there.😊#kittystagram #kittiesofinstagram #kitties


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    1. Hi there, Ellen. The captions never seem to go through with my Instagram - to- Blogger posts. I don't know why, but I just now added it. This little one is named Tiglet. I initially thought he was a girl, but after looking for images to determine kitty gender, I am almost positive it is a boy. The two siblings, adorable little blackish ones, appear to maybe be girls because their backside doesn't look like Tiglet's. I guess time will tell.

      Remember me telling you about a little kitty that was coming here wanting food and how it appeared to me that she must have had babies? Well, these are her babies. She brought them here and then a day or two later, she disappeared. I don't know what has happened to her. It is very unlike her to not come around hollering for food every day. It has been I guess almost a week since we've seen her.

      Please pray for these babies. They are doing pretty good since we started feeding them watered down kitty food. They aren't looking quite as skinny anymore. We've been able to hold Tiglet and one of the blackish ones. Tiglet comes walking up to me for me to pick him up. He loves me. :)

      Have a blessed night.


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