23 April 2018

Book Review: Mountain of Healing by Geraldine Justice

Mountain of Healing by Geraldine Justice

Everyone needs a Mountain of Healing in their life. This is a fictional story about a nurse who signs on to help an ill woman stay home, rather than live out her last days in a hospital away from home.

This is more than just a fictional story. It is a wonderful way to present Jesus as He is worshipped in small town U.S.A. everyday.

As in most stories, everyone is not what or whom they seem to be. There are secrets just waiting to be found out and adventure. The story also has some very funny moments as readers learn more about salvation.

We don’t normally read fiction. However, we suggest you read Mountain of Healing by Geraldine Justice. We give it all five stars. It is well-written and the plot of the story actually works, unlike many fiction books.

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  1. I am not a big fan of fiction, but this sounds good.

    1. Thanks, Ellen. I'm not particularly a fiction fan, either.
      Have a blessed day. :)


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