25 March 2018

Instagram Today

Thanks, Granny, for that outlook on life.
I will love you forever. You were such a wise woman. 😘 I am proud to be your grand-daughter!
As a little bit of an explanation...these are the initials for a phrase my granny used in particular situations when people hurt her. It was her attempt to block the hurt. This phrase always brings both a smile and a tear to me. It brings a tear because of all the hurt she endured and a smile because of her fighter, survivor, tell-it-like-it-is spirit. No matter how badly she was hurt, no one could keep her down. Rest in peace, Granny. 1921-2010.


  1. It sounds like your Granny was an amazing woman.XO

    1. Thanks, Ellen. She most definitely was an amazing woman and an amazing cook, too. :)

      Have a blessed evening!


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