17 January 2018

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How Much More...Photo Taken 16 January 2018. ...is one man supposed to endure? I say enough already!

At the end of May 2016, he had three strokes. Thanksgiving 2017 week was spent with the threat of losing his leg. He was admitted to the hospital on December 11 and missed our daughter’s birthday the next week. Christmas and New Year’s Day were spent in the hospital.

January 12, against our will, he was transferred from the hospital to a nursing home (due to the fact that Medicare apparently has more dollars than sense!). There is no dignity or respect in a place like this.

Now YouTube has turned on him. Making videos has been a big part of his stroke recovery.

Monetizing the videos gave him hope that we could get out of our financial pit. It gave him a place to share his stories and reviews.

YouTube now says, “Tough tooties. We don’t want to fool with you little channels of fewer than a 1000 subscribers.” He only has 61 subscribers currently. He has to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 minutes viewed within 30 days, or they will take monetization away from him.

I am afraid this blow might set back his recovery.

It would be wonderful if he could wake up in the morning to see those goals had been reached.

Could you all please help?

There is a link to subscribe to his channel on each of my posts as well as in the sidebar.

Please help me to bring a smile back to this face. Thank you!

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