22 January 2018

Instagram Today

More Therapy Board Fun. Taken 22 January 2018. Today (Monday) is going to be our last full day here at the nursing home. YAY!!! As soon as we can leave once they disconnect his final IV, we’re out of here! Thanks for all of the prayers, compassion, and support over the last 6 weeks. I would have gone insane without you. Okay, so maybe I went insane anyway during all this chaos, but you made it easier to survive it all. 🤗 #gratitude #escape #chaos


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    1. Thank you, Ellen. We are home now. YAYAYAY! We can sleep in our own room without constant interruption, with doors that lock, and a bathroom that won't have strangers intruding on it. We are so happy to be back home!

      Have a blessed night. :)


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