29 January 2018

Book Review: A Breach of Trust: Your Life Belongs to Them Now by Susan Hodges, LNFA

A Breach of Trust: Your Life Belongs to Them Now by Susan Hodges, LNFA

We have recently spent time in a nursing home. This is David’s second time in one in the last five years. Suzanne goes with him.

We have all heard horror stories of terrible care inside nursing homes and skilled nursing centers. A Breach of Trust goes even further.

In the State of Texas, a person of any age can be declared incompetent by a probate judge on the say so of any doctor, competent or not. It gets worse. Once that person is declared incompetent, the court decides what happens to that person’s assets. Most of time, they are eaten up by “legal fees.’

A Breach of Trust is eye-opening. Anyone who lives in Texas should read this book, then reach out to their elected officials and stop the madness.

What happens in a prison is bad. What happens in a nursing home is even worse. But to make things unbearable, the court often forces competent people into nursing homes against their will and then rapes them financially.

We give A Breach of Trust all five stars. This book is very well-written and hard to put down. We won’t go so far as to call it entertaining. What it is is downright horrifying.

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  1. Replies
    1. It is very scary. When David was in a nursing home the first time, back in 2012, I saw some very upsetting things. That particular nursing home was very upsetting because they would not allow anyone to stay overnight with the patient. At least the one he was just in allowed me there all the time.

      We are determined that, no matter what his doctors want, we will NOT go to anymore nursing homes. They can discharge him from the hospital with oral medicines, but no more nursing homes! This book showed us that there is too much to fear, stuff that makes my fears look like small potatoes.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a blessed night.


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