14 November 2017

Instagram Today

I’m Not Speaking to You! Photo Taken 14 November 2017. Mortal enemies. Yeah, right.😊 #cats_of_instagram #dogsofinstagram #jackchi #cats #topdown #topdowntuesday #topdownview


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    1. Thank you. Petra is totally obsessed with Mawly. The neighbors have claimed her and named her Smokey. She showed up after the floods. We don't know where she came from or where she belongs. She spends about as much time here at our house as at theirs. She's a very sweet kitty. Anyway, Petra wants to be taken out like a hundred times a day because she just has to visit with Mawly. She won't even potty most of the time when we take her out because she's so worried about visiting with the cat. I've never seen a dog this crazy about a kitty before. haha

      Have a blessed day!


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