06 October 2017

Friendly Fill-Ins

This is a fun meme co-hosted by 15 and Meowing and McGuffy's Reader. Be sure to visit and join in the fun!


Here are the fill-ins:

1. October is the perfect time to ____________________________.
2. Halloween _________________________________________________.
3. Every October, I __________________________________________.
4. My experience with the supernatural world is ______________.

Here are my responses:

October is the perfect time to get spooky!

Halloween isn’t something that we make a big deal about here at McClendon Villa.  The most important part of it is the candy, so, we just go get the candy and try not to eat it all at one time.

Every October, I wish it would hurry up and be November and Thanksgiving, which is my favorite holiday. AND, I wonder when we’ll finally get cooler weather.

My experience with the supernatural world is not something that I share with many folks because those that do not, or cannot, understand it tend to be rather belittling about it. Just because they haven’t experienced or don’t understand certain things, is reason enough in their book to discount it completely.  

Have a blessed weekend, y’all!

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  1. It is sad that people often belittle things they cannot understand. I love you, my Zing!

    1. Yes, it is. Some do it not even realizing that's what they're doing. I love you, too, my Zing.

  2. I love Thanksgiving, too. I try to maintain that feeling all year. The supernatural world can be scary, even dangerous. I tend to not discuss the supernatural much because people perceive things in different ways. Faith is subjective, so to each their own. Having had experiences, I do understand it, though! I leave it to God.

    1. Thanksgiving is the best, even better than Christmas, in my opinion. It doesn't get all the commercial hype that Christmas gets. The meaning of Christmas, obviously, is of utmost importance. Unfortunately, it tends to get pushed aside in all the rush of "Gimme gimme" and "buy this NOW". With Thanksgiving, there's turkey, dressing, and family, and nowhere near the expectations. It's the best!

      Have a blessed weekend. :)

  3. Fantastic fill-ins! I really enjoy October and Halloween, and I think your answer to #1 sums up why. I love the "spooky" atmosphere. I also simply love how beautiful autumn is. I don't like to rush Halloween too much, because I do enjoy it, but after it's over I cannot wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The last 3 months of the year are just so wonderful.

    1. I agree! The last 3 months of the year are great! Thanksgiving is my absolute, all-time favorite holiday. I have always loved it. It holds some very fond memories for me. :)

      Autumn is an absolutely beautiful season, especially if one is blessed to live in an area where the leaves change colors. It doesn't generally do that here, but we now have red and yellow leaves in our backyard. I'm beyond happy about that!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a blessed week!

  4. I love that fun shadowy picture! It's perfect for this theme. I also love Thanksgiving. I love having a holiday to be thankful, eat and be with family. Like you said, no hype and also no stress over gifts. Yes, candy really is the best think about Halloween. That and the time of year.

    1. Thanks! When I saw it, I knew it would be the perfect spooky touch for this post. :)

      Thanksgiving is the best! What is your favorite Thanksgiving food or tradition?

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a blessed week!

  5. Thank you for participating, great answers. I would love to hear of your experiences with the supernatural. I know what you mean though about people belittling what they don't understand. Have a great weekend! XO

    1. Thanks, Ellen. :) I posted about one of the experiences last year during the October challenge. The feelings were so very intense, but I didn't indicate just how intense in my post. Here's the link: The Magnet School.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a blessed week. :)


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