31 July 2017

Success & Purpose

Like many others out there, I am searching for my purpose. I know that we are sent here to earth to worship, praise, and eventually return to Heavenly Father.  We are to love and be kind to others.  We are to help lead others to Him.

What I don’t know is what I am meant to do to help our family to prosper in some way. I don’t know the purpose that is meant solely for ME.

One of the email newsletters that I got today started off with a pep talk, saying that I am a success.  It also acknowledged that I may have trouble holding onto that thought and suggested that I ask others the following two questions:

Can you share with me what you see in me?  
How have I helped you?

Please answer in the comment section.  Thank you and …

Have a blessed day, y’all!

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  1. I see in you an incredibly thoughtful and kind woman. You are an excellent writer and photographer. Yes, you have helped motivate me to take that test ( even though I failed). Your posts also brighten my day.

    1. Thank you, Ellen. I appreciate your sweet comments very much. I see in you a very kind, caring woman, too, with a heart for animals. The animals and I are very blessed to have you as a friend.

      Try not to think of it as failing. Heavenly Father just has something better in mind for you. :)

      Have a blessed day.


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