14 July 2017

Friendly Fill-Ins

This is a fun meme co-hosted by 15 and Meowing and McGuffy's Reader. Be sure to visit and join in the fun!


Here are the fill-ins:

1. My inner child____________________________________.

2. My favorite month is _____________________________.

3. My favourite commercial is ______, because _______.

4. Personally, I don't care for _____________________.

Here are my responses:

My inner child is a giggler and giggles often. Mostly because she’s trapped inside a weird old lady.

Suz being goofy while waiting for the bird flurry. Taken 10 July 2017.

My favorite month is November because it is the month of Thanksgiving!

My favorite commercial is a toss up between the Coca Cola Christmas commercials and the Budweiser commercials. But, one year Maxwell House (I think it was Maxwell House...it was definitely a coffee commercial) had a great commercial where a son came home to surprise his parents for Christmas. Being a military mama already at the time that I saw it, it made me bawl like a baby. Our sailor got to be with us for that first Christmas after he went in service and that was something we didn’t expect to happen at all!

Personally, I don’t care for Facebook.  It has too much drama, too much cleavage, and too much junior high school-level mentality to suit me. FB Messenger is fine and not nearly the drama for me.

Sweepstakes Announcement

Okay, all you cat fans, we have a contest going on at Manian Debil Productions.  We will be giving away an 8-pack of Hartz Delectables SqueezeUps along with assorted cat toys to one lucky winner.  The rules are simple.  The sweepstakes starts today.  It will end at noon Central Daylight Time on 24 July 2017.

To enter simply make a comment in the comment box below indicating that you would like to be in the contest. Only one entry per person, please. That is all you need to do.  

On Monday, 24 July 2017, we will decide the winner in a random drawing.  The winner will be announced on this blog in the Friendly Fill-Ins post on July 28.

This sweepstakes is for US entrants only.  It will be necessary for the winner to send his or her correct name, mailing address, and phone number so that we may pass this along to the good people at Vorticom Inc.  They will be sending the prize out to the lucky winner.  

To view the official press release, click here.


Have a blessed weekend, y’all!

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  1. I liked that coffee commercial, too. I think this is a great contest. I hope we get lots of entries. I love you. Zing! Zing!

  2. What a fun thing! Please count us in! We share with shelter cats (Grizelda & Chloe Jo's lineage and George's lineage), so we all love all kinds of cat food and toys!
    I love your answers. I wish you a relaxing, happy weekend. No stress. Hugs.

    1. Thank you, Annie. I have your entry marked.
      Have a blessed weekend.

  3. I always enjoy your fill-in answers. Please enter us in the giveaway, with 13 cats, any treats and toys are always great.

    1. Thanks, Ellen. I have your name added to the list.

      Have a blessed weekend. :)

  4. I have two Bengals and a sassy Tuxedo inside and three ferals outside, all of whom would LOVE treats and toys! My favorite commercial was the Geico commercial that had the antelope with night-vision goggles teasing the lion named Carl. Made me laugh every time I saw it.

    1. Wow, it sounds like you have a wonderful collection of kitties. :) I like the Geico commercials, too.

      Thank you for commenting and entering our contest, Marcha. We will have the drawing in a couple of hours and the winner will be announced on July 28's fill-ins post. Good luck!

      Have a blessed day.

  5. What cool fill-ins. I would like to be in the contest and have an American address for you if I win. I never win anything anyway.....but ya never know. MOL


    1. Thank you, Jean, for commenting and entering our contest.

      There's a first time for everything and you just might win this one. We'll see. The drawing is in a couple of hours and the winner will be posted on the July 28th fill-ins post.

      Have a blessed day. :)


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