23 June 2017

Friendly Fill-Ins

This is a fun meme co-hosted by McGuffy's Reader and 15 and Meowing. Be sure to visit and join in the fun!


Here are the fill-ins:

1. A recurring dream I have is _____________________.
2. Turn ______________ into ________________________.
3. _____________________________ is driving me crazy!
4. Lately, I have been _____________________________.

Here are my responses:

A recurring dream that I have has me in the cold, hard, stone belly of a tremendous building. Sometimes this is the basement. Sometimes it is a hallway on the way to a cavernous attic. There is a feeling of terror, of abandonment, of the shadow people coming to get me. I say “a feeling” because I have no recollection of what actually happens in the dream, just the long, stone hallways. Only the feelings remain.  The most frequent scenario is the attic, which leaves far more terrifying feelings than those of the basement.

Turn bananas into pudding. OR, for a more adventurous endeavor, turn beets into pudding like my daddy did once.

My long zoom lens is driving me crazy! It is having trouble focusing and just keeps spinning back and forth trying to find its place. Sometimes it focuses okay, but more often than not lately, I’m left with very blurry cardinals!

Lately, I have been both invigorated and unmotivated. Nothing like being on both sides of the fence, eh?

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  1. I bet the beet pudding was as good, or better, than Nana's mashed turnips. I love you. Zing! ZIng!

    1. I bet it was, too. :)
      I love you, too, my Zing.


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