13 June 2017

Currently...A Life List


Looking out my window…it is dark out there, so I’m not looking out my window. It is 11:28pm as I write this. But, if I were to get up to look out, I would likely see the canopy of the gas station that is across the road behind us and just maybe tons of stars and a big, bright moon.

As I ponder…hypocrisy and those that talk about giving, but whine the whole time they are doing it about *having* to do it. Specifically about putting others before ourselves and the whole “I’ve got to do for me over anybody else” mindset. This isn’t what Jesus teaches. We are to put others before ourselves. We are likely all guilty of this to some degree or another.

What I am learning…is that birds are people, too. They have some of the same characteristics as humans. Sometimes they share with each other, no problem. Other times, it is very definitely a “stay out of MY yard and  away from MY feeder!” attitude.

What I am reading…I just finished reading Happy Tales by Diane de Mere. You can read my review of that book here: Happy Tales.  I am also reading Creative Thursday by Marissa Anne Cummings. It was suggested to me by another blogger, but at the moment I can’t remember who.

A quote I want to share

Carolina Wren Singing ©12 June 2017 Suzanne G. McClendon

My newest interest…watercolor.  I have three coloring books for review purposes and I use coloring pencils to color in them. I am currently using watercolor pencils, which I did not know even existed until recently. There are three ways to use them:

  1. Wet the paper, then color on it.
  2. Wet the pencil tip, then color with it.
  3. Color with the pencil, then go over it with a brush dipped in water.

I haven’t decided yet which way I like the best. None seem to work too well for me once the point gets less than super sharp! The colors seem to flow the best when I wet the pencil tip and then color with them. I haven’t tried the first way yet.

A peek into my week…will leave you seeing nothing but me watching the birds and squirrels, reading, and regular running of the household things. At this moment, we don’t have any appointments this week.

What I’m hoping for…a life of less stress, people with self-respect and respect for others, and a consistent way to make money from home so that we can recover financially.

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  1. Some really good thoughts in this post! Think what a world it could be of everyone made respect and giving part of their lives!
    Visit me @ Life & Faith in Caneyhead. πŸ˜‰

    1. Wouldn't that be absolutely wonderful? With respect, there would be no more crimes, and I imagine sin in general would be lessened.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a blessed evening. :)

  2. Good to see you my friend. I love bird watching. And squirrels. I haven't been up to a lot this summer but enjoying the A/C!

    1. Thank you, Paula. It is good to see you, too.

      The birds and the squirrels are a lot of fun to watch. Their interactions are sometimes pretty funny. Be sure to visit my Friday's Hunt post over on McClendon Villa this Friday and you'll see a funny cardinal picture.

      I'm glad you got your A/C to working again. I can't imagine enduring summer without A/C!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a blessed evening!

  3. The birds are fun. I like the picture of the homeboy wren. I love you. Zing! Zing!

  4. I can't wait to see your painted pages, I am sure they will be beautiful.

    1. Thank you for the vote of confidence and encouragement, Ellen. I have one posted over on McClendon Villa now. The post title is: Be Brave! I wasn't very happy with how it turned out, but posted it anyway. You know, jumping in with my eyes closed. :)

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a blessed evening. :)


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