19 June 2017

Article: Help for the Honey Bees


 Help for the Honey Bees

Even if you’re not in the beekeeping business, commercially or as a hobbyist, you may have heard that, “honey bees are in trouble”.  There are a few main reasons that we could list in this dilemma and most experts will most likely agree that the Varroa Mite is near or at the top of that list.  Bee Hive Thermal Industries designed this Thermal System utilizing an industrial grade heater blanket and electronic controls which are easily installed and removed from the hive.  The end goal of the product is to raise the temperature of the hive to a programmed temperature, killing the mites without harming the bees based on studies done in Europe. To see the game changing product in action, click the link and view the video. https://youtu.be/D3I4G2Ws91o

In the fight against today’s Varroa Mites, beekeepers are often, if not always, resorting to pesticides as the solution.  Bees have many other predators and hardships to endure, including weather-related issues such as cold temperatures, moisture, and diseases.  The effect of the Mite on the overall colony is paralyzing to both general activity and honey production within the hive.  This revolutionary product is showing positive results in killing and controlling mites and hive beetles, with only a few applications annually. For show listings click here: Events.

Bee Hive Thermal Industries, located in beautiful Pageland, South Carolina, is to be recognized as a global leader in the design, development, and distribution of organically suitable products for the bee industry globally.  The company strives daily to provide unique and safe solutions for beekeepers everywhere, providing them with high quality, value, and reliability.  Caring for our bees is very important to the mission of Bee Hive Thermal Industries. Click here to visit our website: Bee Hive Thermal Industries. 

Bee Hive Thermal Industries brochure.


Bee Hive Thermal Industries and OVEN Industries, experts in temperature control, are working together to save the honey bees!

Image Source: Pixabay (Beekeeper)  (Honey Bee)

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