08 May 2017

Book Review: Beyond the Quest to Become a Physician by Robert E. Burke MD PhD

Beyond the Quest to Become a Physician
By Robert E. Burke MD PhD

We were given a review copy of Beyond the Quest to Become a Physician by the publicist.  Publicists are aware that our blogs are Christian-based and that our beliefs are Fundamentalist and Charismatic.

This means that if ever the Lord’s name is used in vain in the book, its rating drops to zero and it has to work to move itself up to even one star.  The Lord’s name in vain does occur one time on page 34 as a quote from Dr. Burke’s father.  There are no other profane words in the book.

That being said, our impression of Beyond the Quest to Become a Physician is WOW.  This is a very fun read.

Beyond the Quest to Become a Physician is an autobiography and is written much better than most of the autobiographies we have read.  It is funny, entertaining, exciting, sad, and more.

There are some points in the book where the reader might want to zone out due to reading some medical jargon.  But, hang in there. It only lasts a few seconds, kind of like getting a shot.  The pain does not last too long.

Beyond the Quest to Become a Physician is sort of like a work of fiction that you read and, when you are done reading it, you sort of miss the friend you have made.

We think it is a great book and, even though it lost all of its stars due to the profane use of God’s name early in the book, it regained ground all the way back up to five stars.

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  1. I like autobiographies, this one sounds good.

    1. Thank you, Ellen. You would probably enjoy this one, too.
      Have a blessed night. :)


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