05 April 2017

D is for Doofus #AtoZChallenge



Have a blessed day, y'all!


  1. Dandelions are sweet. I just wish they grew on something different! I miss my dad and my little doggie. Papa Bruce was tall like my family. Our son is 6'7".

    1. Can I pick the different place they grow? Yours can grow in my yard. I promise, I won't mind. :)

      I'm sorry about your daddy and your doggie. It is hard to have to say good-bye.

      Wow! 6'7"! Was he a big baby, too? One of my babies was big (8lbs 8ozs), but none of them are taller than 5'5", even with David being 6'3".

      All of David's family is pretty tall. Even his sister is right at 6 feet tall. My daddy was nearly 6 feet tall, but a back injury and arthritis had him hunched over. My mama is 5'7". I'm built like my grandma and granny. :)

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a blessed week and a blessed Easter, too.


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