10 April 2017

Currently...A Life List


LOOKING OUT MY WINDOW....The weather is looking pretty iffy out there.  It feels and looks like it is going to rain, but I haven’t seen or heard it happen yet.

AS I PONDER....How today is going to go. We have a meeting with some folks about a project they have asked us to do. I know how I feel about it (there are some bright spots, but more red flags than anything), but I’m not the only one in the picture here. I just drive the car.

What We Ate....For our either very late supper or extremely early breakfast, we had homemade chicken salad sandwiches. David said they were pretty good. It was easy enough to make, which works for me!

WHAT I'M READING....I am reading a novel called Lowcountry Boil by Susan M. Boyer, a lady out of Greenville, South Carolina. It was sent for me to read and review. I don’t generally read fiction, but I’m glad I was sent this book! 
I grew up in Anderson County, South Carolina, just one county over from Greenville. It is cool reading things about places that I’ve actually been. I haven’t ever heard of an island called Stella Maris, though, and that is where the story is happening.  I did a search for Stella Maris and did find a church with that in the name. I think that church was in Mt. Pleasant, but can’t remember for sure. I think this book is part of a series and I hope to be able to read the other books by this author very soon.

WHAT I'M WATCHING...I am watching the words go up on my screen and David working on a review video.

WHAT I'M HEARING...I hear the air conditioner, an occasional car passing the house, and David playing his videos as he edits them.

WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE KITCHEN...Nothing is happening there at the moment and I’m not sure what will be happening there later today either. I guess that depends on how the previously mentioned meeting goes.


Davey's Hand and a Butterfly ©2004-2017 Suzanne G. McClendon

A peek into my week...Aside from the meeting later this morning, I don’t know of any real plans other than tackling this stack of books for reviewing. Oh yeah, and trying to make it to everyone’s posts for the A to Z Challenge!

A final thought...We finally grew a tomato in Texas, folks!  It grew. It turned red. It got a date with some Duke’s and our tummies. What could be better?

First Tomato! ©8 April 2017 Suzanne G. McClendon

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