04 April 2017

Book Review: Teen Code by Lori Hoff

Teen Code
By Lori Hoff

We were sent a free copy of the book Teen Code A Rock Star’s Life which was written by Lori Hoff and illustrated by a 13-year old girl named Kennedy.
This book is written from the Christian perspective and, for the most part, takes many of the proverbs in the Book of Proverbs in the Bible and puts them into today’s youth language.
We feel that this book would be something that churches could hand out to their youth. 
However, currently the paperback edition is selling for over $19.  The information is, of course, priceless.  We feel that the book is priced out of line for the amount of information provided. 
The paperback version contains just over 50 large print pages.  It can be read easily in one sitting of about ½ hour or less. 
Because of the value received compared to the cover price, we would have to give Teen Code 4 out of 5 stars.  If the book were sold for around $5, we could give it 5 stars.  It is just a little too pricey for the value received.

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