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05 March 2017

Namesake Day

This week is International Celebrate Your Name Week.  Today, March 5, is Namesake Day.

My daddy loved his paternal grandmother Annie Black Gunter more than life itself. So, when he became the father of a baby girl, he wanted to honor his "Big Mama", as he called her, by naming his baby girl after her and her sister Suzie. He wanted to name his daughter Suzie Annie. The mother of this child had other ideas. She didn't think that her daughter needed a middle name, so blended the two names to create the name "Suzanne".

For years, I was happy that my mama intervened in regards to my name. However, for several years now I have wished that my daddy had won this one and they had named me "Suzie Annie". I love the name Annie. I never got to meet my great-grandmother, but my daddy loved her so very much. She must have been a wonderful woman.

If you look up in the blogger header, you will see a picture of "Big Mama" and baby Suz.

How did your parents choose the name they gave you? Were you named after a friend or loved one? Do you like your name? If you could have chosen a different name for yourself, what would you have chosen?

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