29 March 2017

Book Review: Tingle Boots Coloring Book: Life is short...Buy the Boots

Tingle Boots Coloring Book: Life is short...Buy the Boots
By Suzy Toronto

We were given a review copy of this book.

First of all, the images are great and the sayings always bring a smile to my face.  I expect to have many happy hours coloring in this book.  

Life is short...Buy the Boots contains approximately 32 images for your coloring pleasure.

There is also an introduction to color theory and about the importance of selecting the right colors for your image.  While I understand the points being made, I detest the idea of “rules” in art.  I should be able to color the images in a way that makes my heart happy, not worried that I am making a fatal mistake if I pair this color with that one.  The statement, “It doesn’t matter how creative you are, you can learn about color and finish a masterpiece worth displaying” implies that, if done “wrong”, the finished product is worthless. This does absolutely nothing to quiet the inner critic of someone who has perfectionist tendencies that is often stopped in their tracks by fear of doing it wrong.  Coloring should be fun and without hangups.

The author herself is an artist and there are many beautiful examples of her artwork in this book. Her preferred medium is watercolor.  I have a difficult time grasping how she painted such tiny areas with watercolor, but she did an awesome job.  I just used regular coloring pencils and am happy with my results so far. Maybe one day I’ll get brave enough to try the images with paint, too.

For those of you into the new adult coloring book craze, and most especially those of you gals who are totally into boots, you should run out and get a copy of this Tingle Boots Coloring Book, or click here and have Amazon bring it to your door.

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