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18 February 2017

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Where Did You Go to School?

Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings offers us the following challenge:

For this week's mission (should you decide to accept it), I want you to:

1)  Michael John Neill started an interesting Facebook meme - when and where did you go to school? 
2)  Tell us in a blog post of your own, in a comment to this blog post, in a status line on Facebook or a stream post on Google Plus.  Be sure to leave a link to your post in Comments on this post.

Here are the schools that I attended:

1971-1977 Homeland Park Elementary School, Anderson, South Carolina.  I often walked to and from school with my mother and siblings.  Sometimes, Mrs. Deanhardt drove us back and forth. I was in Bluebirds, which was part of the Camp Fire Girls, when I was in elementary school. We had our meetings in the school lunchroom.

1977-1978 Oakwood Christian School, Anderson, South Carolina.  During my 6th grade year, I heard a horrible story about something that happened to a girl at the junior high school that I was supposed to attend based on the school district in which I lived.  Daddy moved Heaven and earth to make sure I was able to go to a safe school during 7th grade while he made arrangements to buy property in another school district.  He often worked overtime and sometimes three shifts in a row to keep me in that private school.  I was the only one of my parents’ children to attend a private school.  They were still in elementary school during my 7th grade year.  The next school year, we were living in a different school district and all of us attended public school.

1978-1979 Starr-Iva Middle School, Starr, South Carolina.  This was my first year in a new school district and the start of five years of heck on earth for me in regards to school.  However, there were some bright spots that year and their names were Miss Ruth Elrod (my English teacher) and Mrs. Pettigrew (my science teacher).  It is also the year that I met Mae Boston and Bernice Valentine.  They were the sweetest girls and we became friends.  I will never forget their kindness to me as I tried to fit into this new group of people.

1979-1983 Crescent High School, Iva, South Carolina. This is the school where I met my then-future husband.  I was a freshman and he was a senior with the most amazing hazel eyes. They laser-locked me from across the walkway that was outside between the chemistry room and the lunchroom.  After a few weeks of me giggling at him, he said something to my best friend Holly Bevens, that made me hate him for a couple of years.  Well, okay, very strongly dislike him. Then, the summer between 10th and 11th grade, he had the nerve to write to me and here we are.

1984 University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina.  I started out to pursue a degree in Early Childhood/Elementary Education (I cannot remember which anymore!).  I went to school in the Spring semester and both summer sessions.  I did not start the fall semester as we were planning to get married that fall. 

It was another 25 or so years before I went back to school and that was via online schools that are not worth mentioning.  I stopped going to school completely once I got sick and nearly died in 2010. My priorities have changed and I no longer feel a need to pursue a degree that I cannot use at this point in my life. 

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