13 January 2017

Friendly Fill-Ins

This is a fun meme co-hosted by McGuffy's Reader and 15 and Meowing. Be sure to visit and join in the fun!


Here are the fill-in-the-blanks:
  1. My guiding word for 2017 is_______________________.
  2. _____________________________________class reunion.
  3. Truth be told I am superstitious about ___________.
  4. Lately, I have been ______________________________.

Here are my responses:

My guiding word for 2017 is Vision. You can read a little about it here.

I am happy to never go to another class reunion. I accomplished what I needed to at the last one. That was in 1993, my ten-year high school reunion. It was shortly after our daughter was stillborn. After all the years of tormenting those people put me through, I made sure that they would notice me every time they took out their reunion picture. Rather than hiding in the shadows like I tried to do throughout high school, I made sure that I was front and center of that photo.

I don’t know that I am particularly superstitious about anything. When I was a kid, we did the whole “step on a crack, break your mama’s back” thing, so I avoided stepping on cracks in the sidewalk. That wasn’t so much out of superstition as just playing along with the game. I do believe in ghosts, but that doesn’t have anything to do with superstition so much as believing what the Bible says. The Bible says not to be calling up spirits. If there were no such things as ghosts, the Bible wouldn’t be telling us to leave them alone, now would it?

Lately, I have been driven to get some things done before I can no longer do them. You can read more about that at Vision Post #1.


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  1. Suzanne, those high school years can be good or bad ones. I was somewhere in the middle - not quite with the in-crowd yet not cast aside or invisible. I had a lovely circle of friends who loved me for me. Kids can be cruel to one another. I'm glad you allowed yourself to shine at your class reunion. I have not attended any of mine but we went to DH 10 and 20 year reunions. The amazing thing I found was at the 10 year the wall of separation between the elites, the athletes, the brainiacs, or the outcast just wasn't there. Everybody was genuinely happy to see everyone laughing and catching up. You know I had not thought about some of the encounters the Bible gives in regards to raising the dead (spirit). I never believed in ghost or at least the spooky, evil kind but perhaps some spirits do linger because someone called the dead forward and now can't rest. The Old Testament says it's an abomination. I hope things go well with raising money for your eye surgery. I tweeted your GoFundMe info a few times and I will try to do it as often as I can remember. Who knows maybe God will allow the tweets to be seen by someone who can help. Well, dearie have a good weekend and be well!

    1. Cathy, in the middle sounds like a good place to be. I was always an outsider, no matter where I went or what I did. Their loss! I did have a few friends, very few true friends, back then. Yes, kids can be very cruel. I'm glad that all was well at your husband's 10 year reunion.

      I think it is bad news to try to call up their spirits. Sometimes folks might get more than they bargained for. Some things don't go back as easily as they came forward. Someone in our daughter's dorm/apartment has one of those boards (I don't even want to write the name of it on this blog!). The thought of that evil unlocker in our daughter's apartment doesn't set too well with me at all.

      Thank you for the good wishes for the fundraiser and for all of your help promoting it.

      I hope that you have a great weekend, too. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins. I am sorry your high school experience was not good, mine wasn't great either, but I would never torture myself with a reunion. I am praying you get your surgery so you will always be able to do what you love. Have a nice weekend.

    1. Thank you and Annie for hosting the fill-ins. I am sorry that your high school experience wasn't great, either. I don't know why I bothered going either, but on that particular one, I guess I had something to prove. They *were* going to look at me then and have to act like adults.

      Thank you for your prayers about the surgery and your help with promoting the fundraiser. I appreciate that very much.

      I hope that you have a great weekend, too. Thanks!

  3. It is good you got that HS thing out of your system. I never felt a need to show anybody who I am, but I guess I just do that every day. As I get older, I find authenticity even more precious. So many people do try to impress others, and it is obvious with their lifestyle choices and the way they treat those not of their ilk. I agree with you, it is best to just "be" and be happy with that. I try to be the best Me that I can be. I know God is good with that.

    Prayer for you & David. I hope you can find an organization or group to assist with what you need. Is there a group in your area for vision and sight issues? There is The Lighthouse for the Blind, Commission for Blind and Disabled, and Council of the Blind, and Prevent Blindness in the Houston area. Maybe they have connections that would be of use. Hugs.

    1. Thank you. I never tried to impress them. I knew there was no point in it. They'd already decided that I was a worthless nothing, while they were all that an a bag of chips. Not all of the folks at school were mean, but those that were made up for that.

      Thank you for the prayers and for these suggestions. David will look into them. Thanks! Hugs.

      Have a great weekend!

    2. Suz, I know what you mean. There were always bullies. As an officer in ROTC, I made it my business to mentor the younger cadets. I even had positive confrontations with bullies to bridge gaps of understanding. I still am about positive actions. I do not like negativity or useless confrontation. I would rather be part of a solution than allow a problem. I am sorry you went through that and had no one. I think that happens too often. But, you came out good! Hugs!

    3. Thank you, Annie. It sounds like you were a great friend for those younger cadets. :)

  4. I go to see a surgeon about my cataracts on Monday, my eye doctor has been tracking the growth of mine for about 12 years now, they do run in my family. Everytime I had a prescription change,I would be worse...he finally told me this time that, he couldn't do a prescription change that would improve my vision. And my eyesight is pretty low right now...I essentially am slowly going blind. It appears that mine are not as fast, growing as yours are but it is progressive.

    1. I hope that your appointment goes well Monday, Katie. I am sorry that you're facing blindness, too, slowly or otherwise. Either way, the end is the same; we can't see. I wish there were just a pill that we could take or something simple that we could do that would heal our eyes completely and immediately so that we could go on living without facing such a drastic change in the way we live.

      Do you have help to do the things that you need good vision for?

      One thing that worries me is how am I going to take care of David if I can't even see to take care of myself (when that time comes)? There's just so much for us to think about when hit with such a diagnosis.

      {{{Hugs}}} You're in my prayers. Have a blessed weekend.

  5. VISION is a great word!!! I kinda want to change mine now!! ha.
    That's a great point about the Bible -- it's true, we would not have been warned if they didn't exist.

    1. Thank you. :) It just presented itself to me and considering all that is going on with my eyes, I knew it was the right one for me.

      That is my logic, too. Why would the Bible warn us about something that didn't exist? It wouldn't. So, there are ghosts and spirits and demons and all sorts of things we aren't supposed to mess with. I know we're not supposed to call them up, but I'm a bit unclear about what we're supposed to do if they come knocking first.

      Have a blessed week!


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