08 December 2016

Random Suz

Hi folks,

The last few days have been one unexpected surprise after another. I've hardly had time to remember to breathe, much less anything here on the computer.

I wanted to let you all know that I appreciate your comments and visits very much. I hope to get caught up on commenting and visiting your blogs this weekend.

Surprise #1: We went out Tuesday afternoon to take our daughter to work. Usually I at least glance at the tires, but didn't this time because we were already behind schedule. We didn't make it out of the driveway before kerthunking made it obvious there was a problem. The front driver's side tired was flatter than a pancake. David pumped it up and we barely made it to the WM tire center.

Surprise #2: It isn't just a tire problem. There were wires poking out all over the place on the flat tire. They said that we had an alignment issue and to go to Wharton County Tire to get that fixed before they would put the tires on (we were going to go ahead and replace all of them). We left WM with the space-saver spare on. Then, we went to Wharton County Tire to see about the alignment and decided to just get the tires put on there. This was about 30 minutes before their closing time.

Surprise #3: Wharton County Tire informed us that they do not do alignments. Okay, so who does? The lady told us two places. When asked which one she would recommend, she just shrugged her head and shoulders and didn't make a recommendation. So, we went to the other place the WM tire dude suggested. I can't remember the name of that place at the moment. But, they do tires and alignments, so they got the whole business.

We took the car to that repair place on Wednesday where Zoomie spent the afternoon away from home. Thankfully, our daughter was off that day, so we didn't have to try to figure how to get her to work and back. We had Zoomie back by 5:30pm on Wednesday. I'm glad that re-alignments don't cost a zillion bucks. I wish the same were true about tires.

Surprise #4 & Freak Attack #1: This morning, David called to give Mags (our youngest daughter) her wake-up call at 6am so that she could get to class. She didn't answer. We tried for hours to get her on the phone. It kept going straight to voice mail. Of course, this just made us even more worried. I sent her a couple of messages via FB Messenger and they just showed as Sent, not Delivered. Finally, we heard back from her via FB. Her phone had died even though it was on the charger and the charger was plugged in.

We can't have baby girl way out on the Island with no way to make a call, so off to the Island we went to replace her phone and got to see her all of five seconds (if that) because she was in the middle of the production and only had 45 seconds once she left the building to get the phone and get back inside.

All that is sorted out. Now I am left with a burning question that I am not going to put to print or speech because Fate has a way of answering it and I don't need any more surprises this week!

Please bear with me as I play the continual catch-up game. Have a blessed weekend!

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  1. Those are exactly the kind of surprises that can make me lose my joy in anything!! Sounds like you may of handled things well!! Now, I hope your weekend is splendid. You need a break!!

    1. Thank you. At least I haven't totally exploded yet. I've sure felt like it at times this week. :)

      I hope that you have a great weekend, too. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2. It has been one thing right after another. We will get through this. Zing Zing!


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