01 December 2016

December and Random Suz

I hope that all of you are having a great day so far. :)

I do not have a set topic for the month of December here on PS Annie! I plan to do (hopefully) daily random posts as I try to reach my goal of a post each day for a year, which ends 1 July 2017.

Today was a hectic, gone-all-day kind of day. Our oldest daughter had an interview in Houston, which appears to have gone well. She should know something in a few days.  While she was in the interview, David and I graced the third floor of the parking garage. I don't like parking garages any more than I like Houston.  I was bored, so I took some pictures. Random selfies and himmies and cars and all that, you know. 

Side Note:  There's a good reason why I look wrecked...I am!  I slept all of two minutes last night.  I had a lot of trouble breathing and was fighting off mini-panic attacks because it was hard to breathe. David's sugar levels were high, which made him antsy.  He was also worried that something was going to happen to me because I was having such difficulty.  Part of the problem was the wood fires going on around here.  I love the smell of a wood fire, but my lungs aren't too impressed, thanks to COPD.   I can't very well gripe about people trying to keep warm, nor would I.  About 4am or so, we ended up just going to the car and down to Gilbert's Crossing. David took a little nap there.  I couldn't.  Typically, if we are on the side of the road, a ton of people stop to ask if we're okay or if we need help.  I didn't want to fall asleep only to be awakened by a good Samaritan tapping on the window and then freak out thinking the Sickle Man had come for me or something. We were at Gilbert's Crossing, after all. :)

The traffic in Houston was hectic, as usual, full of honkers and passers and speeders, but thankfully we made it back home in one piece. Well, okay, technically three pieces: David, Laynie, and me. :)

We stopped by the Hobby Lobby to get the supplies that I need to make the ancestor-themed Christmas ornaments that I plan to make.  David will print out the photos of the folks for me. I will then adhere them to the wood pieces that I got.  I will use some cording that I already had from a previous project to create the hanging loops for the ornaments.  I've never made anything like this before, so I hope it comes out okay.  I plan to post pictures when I finish them.

The coolest thing happened as we got to a more rural part of our journey.  There was what we thought to be a huge buzzard in the middle of the road eating some poor, unfortunate creature. But, it wasn't a buzzard at all! As our car approached it, it took flight and we were amazed to see that it was a bald eagle!  How cool is that?

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