08 November 2016

Book Review: Hanging on to Hope by Annette Newcomb

hanging_on_to_hope_240_360_book-2054-coverHanging on to Hope by Annette Newcomb is an inspiring read. Packed inside this book is a story of a woman and her family who just kept getting pounded by all the trials of life, but kept getting back up.

Mrs. Newcomb take us from having a step-father that she never considered to be anything other than a real dad, who treated her like she was his own child to losing him suddenly, with no warning. She deals with having to cope with that situation. Throughout the book we see how she has to deal with one setback after another and how, through it all, she finds hope and inspiration.

This inspirational story shows how one family refused to give up. They stood up against the devil as he hit them with possible kidney failure, an emergency C-section, a sick newborn child, cancer, depression, divorce, job loss after job loss, and even a stolen car. The family was forced from their home because of job loss and still came up swinging.

This book also made me think. It brought many questions to my mind. I could not understand the logic behind some of the decisions that were made and actions that were taken. It challenged me in regards to seeing things from the point of view of another. They were walking a walk that I have never taken and hope never to take.

I was inspired by this book and think other readers will be, too.

There is a free preview of the book available here: WestBow Press.

I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers

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