31 August 2016

Wednesday Hodgepodge 31 August 2016

1.  Are there any men or women in blue on your family tree?

As far as I know, there is only one policeman in my family.

2. Are you someone who suffers from the Sunday night blues? What helps you get over it?

As in, sorry tomorrow is Monday?  No, not really. Every day is the same around here pretty much.

3. I read the color blue is an appetite suppressant since there are very few naturally blue foods out there. How do you feel about blue cheese? Love it or blech? If you're a fan, what's something you like that's made with blue cheese?

I cannot eat blue cheese, nor would I want to. It isn't at all appealing to me. I cannot eat it because I have a penicillin allergy. I was born with bronchitis and the treatment at the time was penicillin - the cure all for everything. Only thing is, it nearly killed me. I swelled up like a blowfish, turned purple, the works. All this and less than two weeks old at that. Thankfully, I was in the hospital when the anaphylaxis occurred or I probably would have died! Of course, they are the ones that gave me the medicine in the first place…

4. We can't head in to the Labor Day weekend without a related question, can we? Complete this thought: I work best when____________________.

…left alone by folks outside of my very immediate family. I can't focus with other people around or with noise going on while I'm trying to think. This is something that is worsening with age.

5. "Everything yields to diligence." Antiphanes Your thoughts? (on this particular quote or on diligence in general)

I think that persistence and hard work eventually pay off.  The one doing the work may not be the one that ultimately benefits, but it will pay off.

The National Park Service turned 100 years old on August 25th. Have you been to many of America's National Parks? If so share with us a favorite or two. Which National Park would you most like to visit before the next birthday rolls around?

I have been to the following National Park Service properties:

Parkway and National Scenic Trail
Blue Ridge Parkway

National Park
Great Smoky Mountains

National Battlefields:

National Monument:
Fort Sumter

National Historic Site
Ninety-Six and the Star Fort

National Historic Trail
Trail of Tears….I haven't followed the trail, but my forefathers lived it.

National Historical Park
San Antonio Missions - The Alamo

I would love to go check out Big Bend National Park! But, if I am allotted only one long distance trip for the rest of my life, I want to go back home to South Carolina and visit the Blue Ridge Parkway and the other NPS properties in South Carolina.

7.  Bid farewell to August in seven words or less.

Good-bye, farewell, thou hot summer month.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

It is a good thing that I re-read the first question and clicked the link.  I had a very long answer written based on a total misunderstanding of the "blue" that the question was actually about. I have been eyebrow deep in family and US history lately, so the first thing that hit my mind when I saw "men in blue" was Yankees, not policemen.   Of course, there were no Yankees  in my family during that most unfortunate time in our country's history.   I have to go all the way back to 1756 to find the most recent ancestor born up North and she was born in Massachusetts.   Then, it seems everybody decided to go live in Virginia for a few generations, then on down to North Carolina, then to South Carolina and Georgia.  Virginia and Edgefield, South Carolina are the likely areas for me to find the common ancestor there allegedly is between David and myself according to a geneticist.

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  1. Yes, summer has been hot. Can we cool off now?

  2. You've been fortunate to have visited so many great places! I love seeing all our great nation has to offer.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I have been very blessed to grow up in an area loaded with history and beautiful scenery. :)

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a blessed day!

  3. I was interested in your comment about blue cheese. I also have an allergy to pennicillen but never connected that with blue cheese. Fortunately I've don't really like blue cheese. I don't really remember how it was established I had the allergy - I was very young. I've just always known I can't have pennicillen. Enjoy the cooler weather :)

    1. Do you ever wonder if the reason we don't like something is our body is warning us that it could be very bad for us to consume? I am allergic to grapefruit juice (and citrus fruit in general...though citric acid isn't the culprit). Grapefruit juice makes me hurl immediately. I just happen to find grapefruit juice totally disgusting and haven't had it in years. Maybe we have an aversion to some things so that we don't end up with a nasty reaction that could be potentially fatal.

      I'm sorry that you're also allergic to penicillin. Are you allergic to other antibiotics as well? I am also allergic to those that end with myocin, as in erythromyocin and streptomyocin. I have probably butchered the spelling, but maybe you know the ones I mean.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a blessed day. :)

  4. Way to go on seeing all of those National Parks! Have a nice weekend.....

    1. Thanks! I hope that you have a great weekend, too.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :)


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