04 August 2016

Throwback Thursday

Every time I see this photo in my collections, it makes me laugh. "Grande" means "big" or "great"...so they want you to order a small big? What is a small big?

Then, there's the whole Happy Hour bit.  Happy "Hour" should mean an hour, 60 minutes, so how is it an "hour" if it goes from 2 until 4?

This restaurant is out of business now.  Even though they didn't know how long an hour was, they sure had great fried catfish!

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  1. The fish were great. They had a little hygiene problem though.

  2. Maybe they should have called it a Really Happy hour :)

    1. Yeah, really! I'm reckoning that after a 2-hour round of drinking they'd be pretty happy, at least until they started hurling their catfish out. :)

      Thanks for stopping by and linking and commenting. Have a great night. :)


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