24 August 2016

Not-So-Wordless Wednesday - 24 August 2016

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There is a really cool place about 15 miles from here that we affectionately call "The Ruins".  It is a shell of a building with no roof.   I don't know what the building housed in its former life, but I love that they have let its remains continue to stand.  It will be a very sad day to drive up and find it gone.   I hope that never happens.

Our oldest daughter, Laynie, loves to have her picture taken and she loves this place.  We decided one day to head up there and make use of The Ruins, as we'd already been given permission in the past to take pictures there.

Here are a few photos from that great day at The Ruins.

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  1. Great photos, your daughter is beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Ellen. I think she's beautiful, too. :)
      Have a great night!


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