31 August 2016

Important Announcement!

Many of you remember Patrice of Everyday Ruralty and renown for her fun Chats on the Farmhouse Porch series (psss I have a secret!).

Well, do I have a delightful thing to share with you!   Her daughter Lauren is a wonderful artist dealing in watercolor, graphite, and several other mediums.  Lauren also loves opera and listens to it as she creates her beautiful pieces of art.

Please check out her Operartist website as well as visit her on Facebook.  If you like what you see there, please give her a "Like" on Facebook.  I know that she will appreciate it very much.

Lauren is working on a 101 Day Art Challenge in which she creates and offers for sale a piece of art a day. The day of the challenge dictates the price of the artwork, as in, on day 1, the piece of art is $1, plus shipping/handling; Day 25, the artwork is $25, plus shipping and handling, etc.  The shipping/handling charge is very low.

Please click here to find out more about this challenge and to see some of her artwork.

You can see even more of her great work on her Facebook page.

Lauren has also written a book titled Call Me Luciano.  You can find it in print on Amazon.com and as a Nook Book from Barnes and Noble.

Notice: The Amazon link is an affiliate link.  If you purchase the book from our Amazon link, not only will you be helping Patrice's daughter by purchasing her book, you will also be helping our family, too.  For each sale made through our affiliate links, we financially benefit.  Thank you for your support!

Please subscribe to David's YouTube Channel. Thanks!

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