21 July 2016

Throwback Thursday

Shep, 1990-2008

Laynie wanted a dog something fierce, but we weren't ready to have another dog. Other plans were in the works, however. One of the adopted grandparents called and asked us if we wanted a dog. We said no and started the list of reasons why we could not have a dog. Laynie overheard the conversation. Between Laynie and the adopted grandparent, we were whipped.

Every obstacle that we threw came back to us with a solution. It's a boy dog. I have food. On and on, no matter our argument, there was a solution - and Laynie on our side of the phone wanting that dog. So, we brought Shep home to live with us. She wasn't a boy. We got a biology lesson on that when we came home one afternoon. She got married to the Siberian Husky next door, who must have really loved her because he jumped a six-foot fence, dragging a logging chain behind him, to get to their wedding! They had beautiful babies.

We thought that Shep was a puppy, but according to the veterinarian, she was already about 6 years old when we got her in 1996. She and Laynie became fast friends and we all loved her. She was a faithful and protective companion. If anyone even looked at the kids cross-eyed, Shep was there to take care of it. She was part German Shepherd and part Chow and all love. She didn't have a mean bone in her body, but if she was pregnant, you couldn't touch her unless you were a regular part of the family. And you absolutely could not make one of the kids squeal if you weren't a regular either. She'd chew your leg off then.

We spent lots of good years with this very loving dog. In the picture above, she is sitting on the spot that ultimately became her final resting place here in our Texas backyard.

Rest in peace, Shep. We sure miss you!


  1. What a sweet tribute to Shep the Wonder Dog.

  2. Shep sounds like a wonderful dog and was very cute too.

    1. Oh she was. She was a sweetheart, as loyal as could be. Thank you. :)

      Thanks for visiting today and linking up. Have a great day!


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