18 July 2016

Morgan Connections

About 15 years ago, our oldest daughter was diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome. She and David underwent genetic testing which uncovered the idea that David and I are genetically connected. I was not part of the genetic study because I did not appear to have any of the signs of Marfan Syndrome. I am not tall. I am far from skinny. And, I don't have the wingspan of a condor. I do have scoliosis and my family's medical history, it turns out, does hold things that would point to me being a culprit in this, too.

I have been searching all this time to find a blood connection between our families. It is a quest at this point, but so far, no luck.

During my genealogy adventures over the weekend, I did find a connection between David's mother and father, aside from the fact that they were married to each other.  David's mother and father share a 6th great-grandfather. His name was Thomas Morgan. He was born in 1725.

In genealogy, females are listed by their maiden names and that is how I have addressed the females in the graphic below. David's mother, Merle M. Roberts descended through Thomas Morgan and his wife Isabella Chitta's son Elias Morgan. David's daddy descended from their son Benjamin.

At some point, various parts of these families lived in Edgefield County, South Carolina. Several of my family lines also congregated in Edgefield County, South Carolina. David and I both have the surname Fowler in our lines. Both of our paternal grandmothers were born Fowler. That would seem the obvious connection between David and me. However obvious that might be as the source of our connection, I have found no common Fowler ancestors between us yet.

Edgefield County holds much promise for a connection, with so many of our family lines having been there at the same time. I am getting closer to finding the answer for which I have been searching so long. I just know that it is in Edgefield somewhere. For now, though, I am happy to have found this connection between David's parents.


  1. That was a long search, I am sure you are thrilled to have found the link. I am impressed.

    1. Thanks, Ellen. The search continues always. I have found the connection between David's parents, and a similar linkup through my great-great-grandparents on my daddy's side, I have yet to find a blood connection between David and me. It is one of the discoveries that I look forward to making and pinning down. Whenever we have extra money to do so, we're going to have the DNA tests done through Ancestry.com and see what they come up with. That might better define for me the area in which I need to focus. That's what I'm hoping, anyway. It will be awhile before we can do this testing.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a great day!


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