06 July 2016

Back to School

Summer is flying by. It won't be long before the school doors are open again. Do you have a child going off to college in the fall?

What, in your opinion, are must haves for a dorm room, especially for those going to college for the first time?

If money were no object, what would you be sure to send with them on their new adventure?

To make this fun, pretend you have $1,000 to work with. Window shop at Amazon style=and share with us how you'd outfit your child's dorm room if there were no restrictions. If you need to pretend more money to do this, go ahead. :)

Beyond the basic microwave, mini fridge, and laptop, what do you think are essentials for their first home away from home?

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I look forward to seeing your answers!

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  1. Having lived on the 3rd floor freshman yr. in college and helped my niece move in to her 3rd floor dorm 10 yrs. ago, I highly recommend a first floor if possible. Extra long sheets are always needed too and a closet organizer.

    1. Thank you for your answers. So far, we've been lucky in that our daughters both had first floor rooms. I don't know what level our baby girl is on during this summer session, but I think it is a second floor room. The dorms at her school are like apartments and come with everything just about. Our oldest daughter has a basic, bare bones dorm and needed pretty much everything. There is a kitchen in the basement, but we didn't want her having to go down there any more than absolutely necessary (the laundry is down there, too), so we got her a microwave and little fridge. Even though her room is on the first floor, there is still a flight of stairs to have to haul the things up and that is hard work.

      Are you the one that was telling me your dorm room was on the third floor with no elevator? No way could I handle moving them in and out from a third floor room. Their stuff would just have to hop up there on its own. haha

      Extra long sheets is definitely a great suggestion! I wonder why they don't have standard sized beds in dorms these days?

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a blessed day!


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