03 June 2016

Free Book Alert!

On the following days in celebration of special family days, our Kindle books will be available for free:

Sunday, June 5
Monday, June 6
Sunday, June 26

Please take advantage of these free days to download the books and read them. We would appreciate an honest review on Amazon. We'd love to hear your thoughts here, too!

We are working on adjusting our lives in the aftermath of a stroke. The means of making an income that were available to us before are no longer available to us due to the limitations caused by David's recent multiple strokes. We are refocusing our efforts toward things that can earn an income fully from home. These books, and possibly future books, are a bigger part of this plan now. Please feel free to share the links to our books with your friends so that they can take advantage of this offer as well.

Thank you!

Is Homeschooling, or is it Home Schooling, Right for You?: With A Rebuttal to 27 Reasons Why Homeschooling Will Damage Your Child's Life Forever


How to Pay Off Your Debt


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