02 January 2016

My One Word 2016

Are you tired of resolutions, especially those that you give up on less than a month after making them? How about concentrating on just one word?

I have a life-long history of trust issues. I was taught in a variety of ways not to trust people throughout my childhood. Lately, that struggle to trust has been affecting my relationship with Heavenly Father as well. So, my one word for 2016 is:

First, I am going to work on getting back to fully trusting Heavenly Father. I have no doubt that He gave His son for my salvation. I have no doubt that He can do all things. Like I always say, I don't know what tomorrow holds, but I know Who holds tomorrow. What I don't know is what hurt will be allowed to get through to me or what I will be protected from. This fear of the unknown is not helping with trust issues. I want to let go of the fear, knowing that no matter what harm may reach me, I will be okay in the end, wherever that end is.

Second, I want to learn to develop trust in people. This will probably be the tougher of the two. Regardless of what Heavenly Father has planned for me, humans have their own agendas and sometimes people are hurt deeply by the actions of others. Lack of trust is also hurtful. If I can't get to the point of trusting people, I want to at least get to the point of living the thought, "I don't have to trust people; I only have to trust Him." But, I would really like to be able to trust people, too, especially those that are a part of my every day life, a part of my family.

This is what I need to work on during this new year. What about you? What is your ONE WORD?


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