11 December 2015


Please play along with this Friday Fill In. I hope to be a regular participant from this point forward!

Feeling Beachie

The statements:

1. Being ___ is _____
2. I _____ to ______
3. If I could_____ I would _________
4. I cannot live without _______________

My Answers:
1. Being allergic to everything is frustrating.
2. I like to photograph flowers.
3. If I could talk to my daddy again, I would tell him how sorry I am for missing his last birthday.
4. I cannot live without the letter "B", for it starts (my) babies and books and both are a big part of my life.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. That was very hard for me and I still battle guilt over it. My daddy has COPD and lung cancer and a hearing problem. It was hard for him to speak and he never really wanted us to acknowledge his birthday all while I was growing up. Rather than make him struggle, I honored his long time wishes and didn't call him that day to tell him happy birthday. Six days later, he was gone. Even though he never liked to hear happy birthday, I wish that I had done it anyway because I think, in reality, everyone wants to be acknowledged and made to feel special, no matter how much they say otherwise.

      I hope that you have a very Merry Christmas!


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