01 June 2013

Sibling Saturday: Gunter Children

Sibling Saturday is a daily genealogy blogging prompt from Pages from the Ancestry Binders.

My parents, Jimmy and Madeline Gunter, were married in late 1964. By the next August, there was a little me in their lives. This picture was taken at the Anderson County Fair in the fall of 1966. You can't see them, but my little brothers are getting ready to make an appearance.

By July 1968, there were four of us. My twin brothers were born seventeen months after me and our little sister was born seventeen months after them. I'm the one with the cool baby blue glasses that had to be specially modified to accommodate my very long eye lashes.

Our mama always wanted a blond-haired, blue-eyed child. As you can see in that sea of brown, she didn't get what she ordered. What she did get was a zillion cloth diapers a week. She said she had so many diapers to hang on laundry day that she had to borrow clothes lines around the neighborhood!

We are scattered far and wide these days, with me living a thousand miles away from where I grew up, a brother in Virginia, another one who-knows-where, and our little sister living on the family property with our mother back in South Carolina.


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