14 June 2013

Five Minute Friday: Listen

Five Minute Friday

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This week's prompt is: Listen

Dear Somebody:

Do you ever stop to just listen, listen to how you sound, listen to how you're making me feel, how you're tearing me - no, us - down?

Did you hear way back when my heart skipped a beat when you were near and how it now just wishes that it could stop beating because I am not enough?

The old tapes are playing and not letting me listen to the sound of my Father's love. I am enough for Him. I am His and the words of those that don't know Him don't matter. He listens. He loves. But I can't feel it because the tapes say that I am nothing, that nobody wants me, including Him.

He holds me when you make me cry and want to run and hide, but I still feel so alone.

Do you hear Him coming for me? Will you listen when I'm no longer here to hurt?


I started reading a book this morning titled Seven Silent Witnesses: Finding Freedom Through the Power of Forgiveness. It is about a family of children that were victims of abuse and the silence in which they suffered. Although what I've read so far is about their silence, not telling anyone about the abuse, I thought about it as I was writing this Five Minute Friday post. Living in domestic violence/abusive situations, maybe you don't tell others what is happening. You keep silent, but you're hoping all the while that somehow they will listen anyway. You hope that they will hear what you aren't saying as loudly as if you had said it and rescue you from the terror.

Disclosure: The link to this book is an affiliate link. Your purchase of this book will help to support my genealogy research. Thank you for your support!


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