05 June 2013

Daily Prompt: Never

The Daily Post at Wordpress.com offers a daily prompt. Today's prompt is: Never

I am supposed to tell about a thing that I will never write about. I'm no good at stopping with just one thing usually. Here is my response to the prompt.

Things I'll never write about:

I'll never write about the rocking chair and the screams and the bullets flying and the sledge hammer or screeching tires.

I'll never write about the vodka bottle or broken glass in the forehead and nobody noticing.

I'll never write about the phone calls that came that shouldn't have or the whereabouts that shouldn't have been and with who.

I'll never write about the never mattering, total lack of value, and the wanting but never measuring up.

There are a hundred other nevers, if not more.

Never say never...

Quote source: Brainy Quote



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    1. Thank you, Denise. I appreciate your prayers very much. You are in mine, too. Have a blessed week!


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