11 June 2013

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 2013: #24

Everyday Ruralty

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How many times a week do you have a green or veggie salad?

Once a week at least and, when we're being really good, we have salad several times a week. We know from our own health experiences that the salad/vegan lifestyle is the one that we need to live. However, it is hard to let go of things that we've spent our entire lives eating.

Do you pray? (You may skip this if you do not wish to answer.)

Yes! If I didn't pray, if I hadn't had praying grandparents as a child and praying friends in my life as an adult, I wouldn't be here to type this today.

Memorial Day 2010, I was so sick that I laid down to die and nearly did. My husband had to pack me in ice in order for me to breathe. I didn't want to go to the doctor. I just wanted to go ahead and die. I had to get better to go to the doctor, which took about 18 or so days after that. When I got to the ER, my hemoglobin was only 7, half what it should have been, but more than it probably was when I laid down so sick. It was acute, severe anemia and I was doing good to walk. I couldn't stand upright; I leaned sideways and often fell. Then, they found the tumors. I had to get better still before they could do surgery. I wasn't well enough to go through the surgery until October 2010.

Thankfully, the tumors were not cancerous (just humongous fibroids that had wrecked my uterus and the surrounding area) and they removed them along with some of my original parts. The anemia is still here, but not to the degree that it was. My body doesn't properly process the iron that it receives. Prayer kept me alive and continues to do so.

Desert Sun
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What season is your birthday? You do not need to give us the date.

The very hottest part of the year, summer, in August. My poor mama!

Do you have dinner guests often, every now and then or not at all? Wendell says he can be there for dinner as quick as a wink!

We haven't had dinner guests since we left South Carolina almost 9 years ago.

Could you describe yourself as a DIY- Do It Yourselfer?

I could, but I don't always get to do it myself. Some things that I would love to be able to do, the equipment that I would have to use scares me to death. Power tools have always made me a nervous wreck. My husband can build stuff. He built the desk that our computers are on and several others. You could park a bus on them and they'd survive it. He is good at it.


  1. Bless your precious heart. You were so very sick, that's scary. God spared your life for a reason. So glad He did! Thank you for stopping by and visiting me at Jeremiah 29:11. I'm your newest follower!!

    1. You're welcome, Debbie, and thank you for following me and your kind comment. :)

      I wish that I knew what His reason was. I feel so lost much of the time wondering what I am supposed to be doing with my life. The things that He has given me the desires to do, I do not have the talent to carry forward. I just don't know "who" I am supposed to be or what purpose I am to serve.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting and following. I hope that you have a great week!

  2. You've been thru so much... I hope and pray that you are feeling better each day and that you soon find your purpose.

    1. Thank you, Debi. I know there is likely more surgery in my future, but I will get better eventually. Thank you for the prayers. I appreciate them very much.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Have a great week!

  3. Oh, wow, how scary for you! So glad things worked out for the best.

    1. Thank you, Becky. Between nearly dying and going to the hospital, going to the hospital was the scariest. When I laid down, it was like moving into a hug. I feel like it would have been a peaceful death. I guess that sounds weird, but that is how it felt. There wasn't anything peaceful about that trip to the hospital.

      Onward and upward, right? It has to go up from here. :)

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Have a great week!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you, Denise. I am glad that you stopped by and visited.

      Have a blessed week!

  5. I'm so glad you survived your experience. I'm glad you're part of chats too.:)

    1. Thank you, Patrice. I am glad to be a part of the chats and glad to have you here, too. :)

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a great week!


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