26 April 2013

Five Minute Friday: Friend

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Five Minute Friday

According to Dictionary.com, a friend is someone with whom you are attached to "by feelings of affection or personal regard." They support you, they like you, and are not mean to you.

I've had a few of those through the course of my life. In elementary school, there was Allison. She wore glasses like I did and had long dark hair. She was skinny. I was stout, or at least that is what I was told. She was my best bud. We sat together at lunch and she always brought hot dogs to school. She shared them with me. I don't know what I had to share with her, other than my friendship, but she always shared with me.

In middle school, there were Mae and Bernice. They were very sweet girls. They had their own crosses to bear, but took this shy city girl under their wings in that backwoods prison of a school. They introduced me to some new phrases and implications that I hadn't learned the previous year at the Christian school that I had attended. They were Christians, too, but had phrases for things that I'd never heard about. I was asked if I was fast, and I thought they were questioning my ability to run. I found out later that "talking" meant something else entirely, too. I learned a lot that year.

Then, there was high school. My best friend was Holly and did many things together at school. I was shy and she wasn't, so we approached the boy that I liked. She talked to him and I giggled at him through the chemistry room window. At a Friday night football game, she quizzed him up about how he felt about me. It went down hill from there. I didn't go giggling at the window anymore, but she was there as my maid of honor when I married that goofy boy five years later.

Now, I have a sister-friend over a thousand miles away that I've never seen in person and only talked to on the phone a couple of times. She knows my heart; she can read it like a book. She knows when I'm hurting and puts up with my hiding moments. We pray for each other, laugh with each other, cry with each other. We're going through the change together, both looking at emptying nests and major life changes, not just body changes. She'll be my heart-sister till the very end and on the other side of this life. She is a blessing to me. I thank Heavenly Father for the time that He brought her into my life and for her graciousness when she welcomed me back with a happy "SUZ! Is that you?!" after my prodigal journey.

Just like coming home.


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    1. Thank you, Denise. I have been very blessed to have some great friends along the way. I am happy to have you as a prayer friend now, too.

      Thanks for commenting. Have a great week!


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