02 April 2013

Anonymous Spam and Comment Changes

Due to a recent round of comments made by "anonymous" commentators, some of which led to less than desirable viewing for my readers, I have set the blog to comment moderation. I could set it to not allow anonymous comments, but I am not entirely sure what would happen if I chose "registered users". I don't want to keep people from commenting, but I also don't need for spammers to use this family-friendly blog as a venue for their naughtiness. Any suggestions on how I should handle this? I would love feedback. Thanks!


  1. I had the same trouble awhile ago and like you I was scared to change that setting to not allow anonymous comments. But I decided to try it and its fine. No more spam and people can still comment.

  2. You could set up your blog so that you have to approve the comments before you publish them. Then nobody sees the spam but you, and you can just delete them as spam. I think that might be better than word verification.

  3. oops.. I see that is what you did do... good plan!! ;)


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