05 April 2013

A to Z Blogging Challenge 2013: E is for Edgefield, South Carolina

Edgefield County, South Carolina was the stomping grounds of several branches of both my family and David's family. My family lines: Gunter, Hollingsworth, Walker, and Williams were from the area as were David's lines: McClendon, McDaniel, and Thomas.

David's family lived in the Red Hill community of the area. I don't know exactly which community my family lived in, but there is a cemetery named Hollingsworth-Walker on Shield Road, so I am assuming for the moment that one or the other of those families owned the property there. My bets are on the Walker family as the intersecting road is Walker Road, as shown in the map below.You might have to move the map around a bit to see the roads.
This is an area that warrants more in-depth exploration as I continue the journey to our roots.

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