23 January 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday Hop


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    1. Hi Tami,

      He's getting better. His amputation site is almost completely healed. The other foot is in for some more surgery sometime down the road. The doctor wants the amputation site on his right foot to be completely healed before he does anything in-depth to his left foot. With a diabetic, sometimes healing of wounds takes a very long time. This one has shown remarkable progress and it appears that the amputation won't even need a skin graft as originally planned.

      Thanks for the prayers and for stopping by to ask about him. To explain the picture above, this is "Bobby" the IV stand/pumps that were in his room on his last day at the second hospital he was in, which was Kindred Hospital in Sugar Land, TX. He was there from November 7 until December 6. Then he went to a nursing home. We were so bored at both hospitals and the nursing home that we named the IV poles, the wound vac, the wheelchair, and the walker. :)

      Thankfully he is home now (since January 3). So far, so good!

      Thanks again for stopping by and commenting. Have a great week!


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