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25 April 2012

A to Z Blogging Challenge: V is for Vegan

David and I are working on a healthier lifestyle. Our ultimate goal is to be as close to 100% vegetarian as possible. I would have ordinarily used the term "vegan" instead of vegetarian because we want to stop consuming any animal products. However, we found out a few days ago that "vegan" refers not only to not eating animal products, but not using animal products either. For example, having a leather sofa or wool yarn would rule us out of being categorized as vegans. Also, I learned that animal products sneak into many, many things because of how the remains left after slaughter are used.

But, I did find out something very cool, however fattening. Oreos are considered vegan. Who knew?

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  1. A vegan lifestyle requires such a lot of discipline. In addition to the whole no animal products at all part, t seems to restrict you from a lot of social events since there's absolutely nothing on most menus that doesn't have elements that are not vegan. I think vegetarian would be a better goal for me since I would find it hard to give up that wool yarn. I guess some vegans might get excited about those Oreos! Healthy eating is good...keep going!


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