14 April 2012

A to Z Blogging Challenge: M is for Maggie

Maggie is a name that shows up on several occasions in my family tree and at least once in my husband's. My maternal grandma was named Maggie. It wasn't short for Margaret, as is often the case. It was Maggie, plain and simple. Her maternal grandmother was also named Maggie. Grandma described her Granny Williams as a red-headed Irish woman with a temper to match. She did not like her granny. Grandma was about nine years old when she was told that her Granny Williams was dead. Grandma's response? "Good!" Wow. Of course, I didn't know my grandma when she was a little girl, but knowing the woman that she became, I can't imagine those words coming out of her over the death of anybody. Her granny must have really been some piece of work!

My own granny, Evelyn, had a grandma named Maggie as well. Her name was Maggie Fowler, wife of George, and mother to my granny's daddy.

My youngest daughter is named after my grandma, although Maggie is not my daughter's legal name. It is what I call her. Her name is a combination of my grandma's name and her sister's name, which was Mae.

The Maggie in my husband's family was the second wife of his great-grandpa Elias Wallis Roberts. I mentioned this Maggie in the post yesterday about Leon. She came along after Leon's mama Johnnie died from complications of childbirth when he was about eight months old. She raised him like her own and birthed him a little sister named Margie. My mother-in-law didn't know until she was grown that this Maggie was her step-grandmother, not her biological grandmother. From what I've heard, she was a very loving woman.


  1. Interesting! I sometimes wish I had named each of my children after relatives. I just really didn't think about how important that would be to me now.

    1. I think that we all probably have things that we wish we had done when we were younger but didn't think to do at the time. For me, that would have been recording my grandparents' stories. They are gone now and I can't remember the stories on my own.

      It was my plan from the beginning with my first born son to name him after my great-grandpa. I had him named by the time I was 14 years old, long before I got married and conceived him. He was one of the most planned babies in history. haha

      Maybe your children will give your grandchildren names of past relatives. That would be very nice.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. Have a great night!


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