07 April 2012

A to Z Blogging Challenge: G is for Gunter

Gunter is my maiden name. My daddy and I were born in the same town in South Carolina. His daddy, Andrew James Gunter, was born in Elbert County, Georgia, where generations of his family had been born before him.

I have been working on indexing the 1940 US Census for the last few days. I am really enjoying it. The hardest part about it is deciphering the handwriting. One of the enumerators had absolutely beautiful penmanship. If all census takers wrote like her, doing this would be a total breeze!

Tonight, I found my Granny and Papa and Uncle Bobby Joe in the town where I was born twenty-five years after this census was taken. My daddy and aunt were not born yet and my uncle was only a year old. I found out that my granny was living in the same town five years before this census was taken and my Papa was living two counties away in 1935. This was a happy find for me.

I have not found the answer to the question that I was most hoping to have answered. The census did not show how long my grandparents had been married at this point. I was hoping to pinpoint a year so that I would have a starting point for a marriage license search.

Oh well. That just means that I have to keep looking. Eventually, I will find it!


  1. Interesting post! You must be very detail oriented to enjoy this research. What a treasure to know your family history!

    1. Thank you. My husband says that I am very detail-oriented. Sometimes it drives him mad. :)

      I agree; it is quite a blessing to be able to learn things about my family, especially so long after they've passed on.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I hope that you have a great day!


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