17 April 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 39: #31

I have missed visiting the Chats on the Farmhouse Porch fun the last few weeks. I guess I'm guilty of having a one-meme mind. When I started the A to Z Blogging Challenge, I just totally missed doing the others that I've had such fun with. So, I'm going back and answering the questions for some of the memes even though the links are closed already.

Now, for this week's questions!
What's the last big gathering you attended? (wedding, funeral, graduation, party, riot,etc)
The last gathering that I went to was the graduation of my youngest son and daughter from high school. The last big gathering (in regards to number of people there) would have been the play "Almost Maine" that was put on by the local college.
Do you switch over your seasonal wardrobe, wear the same things year round, have a huge closet to put it all in, or throw everything out and buy new each season(I threw the last one in there to see if you're paying attention;)?
Naturally, I just throw everything out and start all over! haha Nah, really, I generally wear the same things year round. It doesn't really ever get cold in this part of Texas and even if it did, I don't like wearing coats and sweaters. They are too confining. I wear short-sleeved shirts all year long.
What sweetener do you use most often?
Mostly sugar, but also Splenda.
Slippers, socks, or barefoot?
Barefooted! I can't stand wearing socks. If I need to go outside, I have slip-on sandals that I wear most everywhere, so no socks required.
What questions would you like me to ask the group over the next few weeks?
Are you a part of indexing the 1940 US Census? Have you found the information that you had hoped to find in the 1940 US Census? Have you ever hit a roadblock in something that is important to you and just feel like screaming because the answers aren't forthcoming? What was being blocked and how did you overcome it?

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