23 January 2012


Due to failure to thrive, the following three blogs will be closed on or about February 1:

Art & Photography Unleashed
Texas Art & Photography Unleashed
Reviews by Suz

Reviews by Suz will be absorbed into my other blogs:

Random Thoughts by Suzanne
and P.S. Annie!

The Artist Spotlight posts from Art & Photography Unleashed and Texas Art & Photography Unleashed will be moved to Random Thoughts by Suzanne.

NOTE: Random Thoughts by Suzanne will remain!

Thank you and have a wonderful day!


  1. Hi Susan, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I appreciate it very much.
    I think that concentrating on only one blog would be of advantage for you and your followers. You can include your photography and art and your everyday life, something that we can all relate to to make it interesting, like a different subject every post.

    I personally don't have much spare time to read many blogs from the same author, I can barely visit all my followers because of not enough spare time.

    It take a considerable amount of time to leave comments but they are necessary just to keep my followers coming back. It's been great meeting some nice folks with similar interests and we have become great blogger friends. We support each other in sad times and cheer each other in happy times.

    I wish you the best in your new direction. I hope that you have a great year Suzanne. JB

    1. Hi Julia,

      You're welcome and thank you, too, for stopping by here and commenting.

      Taking care of one's on blog/blogs and visiting and commenting on others is a big challenge, but it is something that I need to get better at doing. I'm bad about reading a blog but not commenting because I don't feel like I have anything of value to add. I need to get over that thought. :)

      Thank you for the well wishes and I wish you a great year, too. Have a wonderful day!


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