09 November 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge #52

I usually respond to the meme on Random Thoughts by Suzanne, but decided to share it here this time. Now, onto the questions!

1. Of all the tools and gadgets you own, which do you most enjoy using?

My tweezers and the fractal programs that I've downloaded over the past several months.

2. When (if ever) is impatience a virtue?

I'm not sure. I think it could be a virtue if it causes you to go ahead and get done something that needs to be done rather than putting it off. Other kinds of impatience can just drive everyone mad.

3. What temperature do you keep the thermostat set to in winter? Do you have another way to heat your house besides a furnace of some sort?

We generally keep it right at 70 degrees. We don't like being hot at all and heat adversely affects some of the health issues in the household. Our only alternate heat source is each other. It rarely gets really cold in this part of Texas. I hear it is supposed to get down into the 30s tonight. I won't hold my breath.

4. Do/did you have a close relationship with any of your grandparents?

Yes, I most definitely did! I grew up with my grandparents, all four of them, being local to me. We visited with them often. My oldest two children met all of my grandparents except for my paternal grandfather, who died when I was in high school. I took my children to visit my grandparents as often as I could. My oldest daughter and I were with my maternal grandfather when he died. My maternal grandparents especially were my shelter during the storms of life. They were a remarkable source of love and spiritual guidance. Granny, my paternal grandmother, was a spitfire of a lady, loaded with spunk and attitude and she rubbed off on me pretty good, I reckon. My grands are my heroes. I couldn't have made it through without them. I miss them more than words can express.

5. When did you last have a family portrait taken?

It was probably back in 2002. I hated it. My babies were beautiful as always, but ICK! I hated how I looked in those pictures!

6. What does the word patriotism mean to you?

It means you stand behind your country, no matter what. It is OK to disagree with how things are done, but you don't jump ship and root for the other teams out there. You support the home team and you thank the service people for the risks they've taken to allow the freedoms that you enjoy. You don't spit or curse at them when they deboard the planes or ships, returning home from war. You cheer them and welcome them home.

7. Do you like to play cards and if so, what's your favorite card game?

Yes! My husband and I enjoy playing "Bobalated", which is our own creation of a totally warped game of Rummy.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I totally despise going into particular big name stores and being treated like a thief. We went to one today to buy cat food. We went through the self-checkout, in plain view of a zillion employees, including the self-checkout monitor. We went through the exit without setting off the alarm. Yet, we still got stopped and asked to show our receipt. If it had been up to me, I would have shown the receipt and then turned back around and took the cat food to customer service for a refund. Sure, I realize that there are shoplifters out there. I understand the need for security. I've done the retail routine, so yes, I do understand. But, honestly, if I were going to shoplift something, do you really think that cat food (in a huge 16 pound bag, mind you!) would be tops on my list of things to take?


  1. He, he. I'd sure pick something lighter - and more expensive to run out the door with.

    I always wished I had had my grandparents close by. Both sets were clear across the country when Iw as growing up. I never did get to know them. My kids had a lot more grandparenting. And, the grandkids are smothered in grandparents.

    Thanks for the visit - and the follow. I've returned the favor.

  2. How lucky you are to have grown up near your grandparents! I like the way I looked in older pictures better than now : ) I see them and it reminds me that my stomach used to be flat!


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