02 November 2011

Wayback Wednesdays: 1997

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1997 was the year that my family came crashing down. A very close family member fell victim to the lies of a pathological liar and ended up spending time in jail. This financially ruined the family member as their pension was taken from them, as well as life insurance at an age when they were too old to be able to get more easily. These lies caused an unnecessary estrangement and stole the last 13 years of my granny's life from me and my children. By the time the lies were proven to be lies, the damage to the family had already been done. There's no recovering lost time. The person that caused the turmoil for our family is paying now for the lies that were told.

I would like to say that I have forgiven the liar because, as a Christian, I am called to forgive those that hurt me. I am Christian, but I am, by no stretch, perfect. I would like to say that I have forgiven, but to do so would be a lie, too. I have not and know that it will be a long time before I can bring myself to forgive this person for the irreparable damage they have caused to my family.

1997 is also the year that we began homeschooling. It was the best decision that we ever made from my perspective. Our oldest son was one year into middle school, our oldest daughter was in second grade, and our two youngest have never attended public school. These last two are preparing to start college in the fall of 2012, graduating high school at ages 16 and 17. That will certainly be an adventure! We'll have three children in college at the same time as it will also be our oldest daughter's fourth year and then on to veterinary school for her. Our oldest son and his wife are living the US Navy life.

Those are the biggest events of 1997 for our family. What were you doing in 1997?


  1. Wow, that is an incredible story. Forgiving and moving on is one of the hardest things to do. I have 3 in college too and none of those 3 ever attended school either until college. I am still homeschooling my youngest who is 16. I am just not ready for him to leave the nest.
    I started homeschooling in 1989.
    I have never regretted home schooling and my married ones will start next year homeschooling so I am so thankful for God's leading in our lives.
    That is so cool.

  2. I was 17 in 1997 and expecting my first child yes I was one of those teenage moms that everyone was talking about in those days

  3. @Farm Girl

    Hey there! I'm so glad that you were able to homeschool, too. I'm not ready for mine to leave the nest either. I want them to have their own lives, but right here with me. :)

    How wonderful that your adult children are going to carry on the tradition of homeschooling their own children. That is great!

    If I could do it all over again, I would have homeschooled from the start.

    I am so glad that you stopped by and commented. Have a wonderful night!

  4. @shopannies

    Hi! I am glad that you made the choice of life. :) I graduated high school with several mamas-to-be, with various outcomes in their lives.

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I hope that you have a great night!


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