08 October 2011

Wayback Wednesdays ....Way, Way Late!

I have been behind in everything this week, especially in responding to blog comments. Thank you to all of you that take the time to read and comment on my posts. I appreciate it very much!

One of those commenting on a post this week was Cathy, from Cathy Kennedy's Blog. Please be sure to visit her to read her response to the Wayback Wednesdays meme!

Cathy introduced me to the following meme:

This Wayback Wednesday is dedicated to 1993.

1993 was an incredibly difficult and emotional year for me. I had lived in Anderson County, South Carolina for my entire life at that point. We moved to a different county for job reasons and the job didn't work out. Our finances were in the toilet. I was glad for the move, but not so glad for the financial difficulties!

My grandma was suffering with Alzheimer's disease and my aunt put her into a nursing home on her 76th birthday. I was supposed to visit Grandma one Sunday morning and didn't make it because I was too tired from being up all night doing laundry and yapping with a neighbor. Grandma died during the time I should have been with her, but wasn't. I felt then, and still do, like I had abandoned her when she needed me most. She died 18 April 1993, sixteen days after entering the facility.

I was sure that I was pregnant. I had prayed to be, but things were going wonky with my body. I went to the doctor. All of the tests were negative, yet I was growing and could very clearly feel a baby growing inside me and my dreams confirmed what the doctors couldn't. On 15 July 1993, our daughter was stillborn at 20 weeks gestation. I was right, they were wrong, and Dorian was dead.

We moved back to our hometown not long after that, where we stayed until 13 September 2004. Then, we decided that we needed adventure and moved to a foreign country - Texas.

The only positive thing to come out of 1993 that I can remember is that I conceived our youngest son. I've called him my miracle baby ever since. They are all miracles, but he is the one that showed me that Heavenly Father had not completely abandoned me. He heard my plea for a baby and gave me my son and thirteen months later gave me another daughter.

There have been other difficult times over the years, good times, too, but 1993 was a major turning point in my life on many levels.

How was it for you? What stands out - good or bad - about 1993 to you?

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